Why trash your dress on land when you can do it in the sky…. ;)
This brings a new twist to trashing the dress… or the day after shoot!!! We specialize in the all new and world unique aerial “Trash the dress” video session for young couples and newlyweds!

The adventurous couple will experience an amazing aerial view of the landscape from a paraglider! And flying is just part of the whole experience!
We start the day with a 40min boat ride to the amazing Yellapa, a small picturesque fishing town just to the south of Puerto Vallarta, where we enjoy a breakfast at a restaurant on the beach.

After the healthy Mexican meal we start with a fun video session on the beach and a relaxing horseback ride to the nearby waterfall.
We return to the beach and then you walk on the clouds!!! The flights are done off the beach, with an experienced pilot. The paraglider with the passenger is towed by a boat, up to about 2500 feet, where the pilot releases the tow line and off you go on an incredible 20min free flight over the beautiful Yellapa bay ending with a soft landing on the beach!

This is an amazing, complete experience you will never forget!